Security Systems Engineering

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Assessment Surveys

Combs & Shearer provides an Assessment Survey Report encapsulating your facility’s electronic security needs, based on a visit to your site and an analysis of the current security measures in place. Any existing measures will be evaluated to determine their effectiveness in meeting your security objectives. Upgrades and improvements will be considered and defined where appropriate. 

Design Requirements

Combs & Shearer provides an experienced team to develop Design Requirements for your facility. This process consists of a site visit to identify specific protection zones, placement of sensors / controls, and associated life safety requirements. A Design Requirements Development Report will be delivered and will include an Overall System Block Diagram, drawings showing recommended zones and sensor locations, a preliminary installation cost estimate, and a discussion section explaining the requirements as needed for complete understanding of the recommended approach. 

Design Documentation

Combs & Shearer provides design documentation suitable for competitive procurement of your security system in accordance with the design requirements developed previously or based on your own established requirements, when available. The design package will consist of: overall system diagrams, floor layouts showing sensors and controls locations, installation details, specifications tailored to your facility’s requirements, and a procurement cost estimate. Two customer review periods are normally included for your review and comment as the design package progresses, normally occurring at 50% and 95% completion. 

Procurement Support

Combs & Shearer develops special procurement documentation including unit pricing schedules and technical proposal evaluation criteria. Experienced security engineers are available to participate with you in reviewing bid responses, technical proposals, and cost proposals to determine the organization best suited to perform your project installation. 

Installation Management

Combs & Shearer provides technical and management support during procurement and installation of your electronic security system. Personnel with appropriate field experience and expertise in system and sensor technologies and installation requirements will be available to assist you in fielding or upgrading your system. Special emphasis is placed on submittal reviews, in-process inspection, and acceptance testing, since the ultimate measure of system reliability is so heavily dependent on the quality of installation work and proper verification of system programming. 

Special Studies & Investigations

Combs & Shearer provides special studies and investigations for your special needs to include identification of system vulnerabilities and recommended solutions, determining causes for reliability problems, and integration of supplier’s equipment into an existing security system.