Planning, Programming, Budgeting Execution System (PPBES)

Preparing Budgetary Cost Estimates


Combs & Shearer have senior cost engineers and estimators with vast experience in the production of budgetary cost estimates for a multitude of facilities (buildings, site work, ranges, missile facilities, medical facilities, etc.). Cost personnel are knowledgeable of many automated cost engineering tools to include Microcomputer Aided Cost Engineering System (MCACES), DD Form 1391, ENG Form 3086, PC Cost and Parametric Cost Engineering System (PACES) which are utilized to prepare budgetary and detailed cost estimates. 




Preparing MILCON Project Justifications (DD1391)

Combs & Shearer can provide senior facility planner personnel with years of experience in the preparation of Military Construction Project Justification Data (DD Form 1391) for installations. The process is of vital importance for each project competing for today’s tight financial resources. The process includes development of the initial DD Form 1391 to include description of the facility, a narrative justification, economic analysis, cost estimate and backup data. This information is entered into the DD Form 1391 Processor for routing and approvals for inclusion of the project within the Military Construction program. 

Supporting the DD1391 Process

Combs & Shearer has the personnel to provide customers with expertise on the management and operation of the DD Form 1391 Processor and related systems (PAX Processor). This includes performing management studies on the expanded use of the system to better support the Army, recommending methods and processes to improve DD Form 1391s, developing processes to meet customer requirements, entering projects within the system, reviewing projects for program consistency, and training in the use of the system. 

Project Support

Combs & Shearer supports the project from initial planning through final construction. Support includes project scheduling using current automated systems such as Primavera, project management and coordination of activities to ensure successful project completion, E-earned V-value M-management System (EVMS), V-value E- engineering (VE) support, Economic Analysis (EA), Risk Analysis (RA), C-construction M-management (CM).