Facility Engineering

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Planning and Budgeting

Combs & Shearer can provide Master Planning services specific to US military organizations or commercial clients. Included with this Master Planning Capability are the following specific programs and capabilities:

  • Planning Charrettes
  • Long-Range Component Reports
  • Summary, Area and Future Development Plans
  • Tabulations of Existing and Required Facilities
  • DD Form 1391 Development
  • ENG Form 3086 Development
  • Economic Analyses
  • Value Engineering Support
  • Installation Status Reports
  • Individual Project Site Planning and Alternative Site Analyses
  • Space Utilization Studies
  • Other Special Facility, Infrastructure, or Engineering Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Privatization Studies
  • Mobilization Components
  • Installation Design Guides
  • Force Protection Studies
  • On-site Master Planning Training


Combs & Shearer provides facility designs for new construction, rehabilitation, process improvements and stand alone systems. We will be responsible for coordinating and managing people, materials, equipment, budgets, schedules, and contracts. As the designer or as the Client’s design manager, we oversee the organization, scheduling, and implementation of the project to execute those designs in accordance with the established requirements. Shearer and Associates provides this “overall management” by means of highly experienced, knowledgeable personnel to assist our clients achieve successful project outcomes. 

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, Combs & Shearer can provide management oversight services for a construction project. We will represent our client in ensuring that schedule commitments are met, and in coordinating all design and construction processes, including the selection, hiring, and oversight of specialty trade contractors.

Through our past work experience in this field, we can manage, coordinate, and supervise the construction process from the conceptual development stage through final construction on a timely and economical basis. When given designs for buildings, roads, or similar type projects, we can oversee the organization, scheduling, and implementation of the project to execute those designs. We will be responsible for coordinating and managing people, materials, and equipment; budgets, schedules, and contracts; and the safety of employees and the general public.


As a follow on to design, Combs & Shearer will provides assistance to the installation, checkout and test of facilities and systems designed and installed by others. This includes conducting on-site evaluations, performance testing and overall coordination of test and checkout activities on behalf of the client. 

Operation and Maintenance

Preparation of Operation and Maintenance manuals including the provision of warrantee and post warrantee spare parts and preventative maintenance procedures is a natural follow on to design activities. Combs & Shearer provides system O & M procedures for systems we design. 


Environmental documentation to support a major government decision is a requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act. Combs & Shearer has participated in the preparation of numerous Environmental Assessments and the resulting documentation and coordination. For projects requiring Environmental documentation, Combs & Shearer will participate in the development and/or review of the documentation as required.